feldspar grinding mill

feldspar grinding mill

In mineral ore processing line, after the crushing process, we generally need to adopt vibrating screen to separate and grade the crushed particles into different gradations for further processing or for better use. As an experienced manufacturer, SBM provides two different kinds of circular feldspar grinding mill for sale, one is YKN series and the other is YA series. Service online

feldspar grinding mill

What is the use of potassium sodium feldspar powder? How is potassium and sodium feldspar powder produced? SBM potassium sodium feldspar mill has potassium sodium feldspar Raymond mill (80~400 mesh), potassium sodium feldspar vertical mill (100~325 mesh). SBM potassium sodium feldspar mill is stable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is favored by various manufacturers.

  • First, potassium sodium feldspar and its use
  • The potassium-sodium feldspar mining area includes Yueyang potassium-sodium feldspar and Shanxi potassium-sodium feldspar. There are many potassium-sodium feldspar powder companies. Many potassium-sodium feldspar powder companies purchase mills (Raymond mills or vertical mills) to produce different grades of potassium-sodium feldspar powder according to the use of different potassium-sodium feldspar.

    Potash albite is a sodium-rich potassium silicate mineral. He has the advantages of low melting point, long melting interval, high melt viscosity and low fluidity. Widely used in ceramic billets, welding electrodes and other industrial sectors. Feldspar's titanium oxide <0.02%, burning vector 0.54, hardness fluctuates from 6-6.5, brittle, high compressive strength, strong chemical stability to acid, use; manufacturing flat glass, medium alkali glass , glassware, ceramic oil, high-voltage electric porcelain, etc.

  • Second, SBM325 mesh potassium sodium feldspar grinding equipment industrial production process
  • Potassium-sodium feldspar powder production process

    • The first stage: broken
    • Large pieces of potassium-sodium feldspar are transported to the raw material warehouse by special vehicles, and then the forklift/manually delivers the material to the jaw crusher for crushing and crushing to less than the maximum feed size of the mill.

    • Second stage: feeding
    • The potassium-sodium feldspar crushed by the crusher is lifted from the hoist to the storage hopper, and the storage hopper is discharged and fed to the main machine evenly by the feeder.

    • The third stage: grinding
    • The qualified products in the grinding process are screened by the screening system and then enter the collector through the pipeline. After being collected, the product is discharged through the discharge valve, and the unqualified product falls into the main machine and is re-milled.

    • The fourth stage: the finished product
    • The purified airflow of the finished powder is collected by the dust collector, and the purified air flows into the blower through the residual air above the dust remover, and the air path is circulated, except that the blower is positive pressure to the grinding chamber, and the airflow in the other pipelines is Under negative pressure. It ensures the dust-free pollution of the air in the production workshop.

  • Third, the selection of potassium and sodium feldspar mill
  • Potassium-sodium feldspar is selected according to the fineness and yield of the powder. To obtain 80-400 mesh potassium-sodium feldspar powder, it is recommended to use potassium-sodium feldspar Raymond mill as the investment project model when the unit is 1~9t/h. Economical and practical.

    The 4R Raymond machine is a model in the SBMR series Raymond mill. 4R Raymond machine has been upgraded with advanced new technology. The technical indicators of this product have been greatly improved, and the main technical indicators are in the leading position in China. In addition to the 4R model, Raymond machine has 2R2713, 3R3220 and 4R3216. Models such as 4R3218, 4R3220, 5R4119, 5R4121, 5R4123, 6R5125 mills. This type of mill is suitable for grinding potassium sodium feldspar, calcite, activated carbon, talc, dolomite, titanium white powder, quartz stone, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, fluorite, gypsum, titanium. Iron ore, phosphate rock, clay, graphite, clay, kaolin, diabase, coal gangue, wollastonite, slaked lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, etc., with Mohs hardness below 7 and various humidity within 6% Non-flammable and explosive materials, the fineness of the finished product can be arbitrarily selected between 0.18-0.038mm (80-400 mesh).

    The price of potassium-sodium feldspar grinding equipment is closely related to the model of potassium-sodium feldspar mill. The choice of model depends on the fineness and yield requirement of potassium-sodium feldspar powder. The potassium and sodium feldspar powder fineness and yield determine potassium and sodium. Selection of feldspar milling equipment.

    Different models of potassium and sodium feldspar mills will be equipped with different types of matching equipment, and the price will naturally be different. Therefore, please provide the potassium and sodium feldspar fineness and production requirements that you need. SBM's mill technicians and planners will configure according to your requirements, and will issue a set of mill production line quotes.

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