introduction of new sand making machine

introduction of new sand making machine

Sand making machine is the best choice for mountain quarrying and is the first choice in the field of artificial sand production line. Service online

introduction of new sand making machine

How to choose a new sand making machine, the specific introduction of the new sand making machine

Sand making machine is the best choice for mountain quarrying and is the first choice in the field of artificial sand production line. The sand making machine provides a variety of high quality stone materials for high-rise buildings, hydropower stations and concrete mixing plants. The new sand making machine stands out with the development of manufacturing technology. The following describes the new sand making machine.

  • 1. What is the working principle of the new sand making machine?
  • First of all, the stone material is vibrated by a vibrating feeder that collides with a rotor that rotates at a high speed during the falling of the stone, causing fine cracks on the surface of a large number of stones. The speed of the stone after the impact is greatly increased. Moreover, the stones collide with each other during high-speed rotation. In this way, in the collision with the machine and the friction between the stone and the stone, the stone turns the large stone into a fine sand, which not only plays the role of sand making, but also reduces the amount of stone directly with the equipment. The opportunity for metal instrument friction reduces the wear of the device. Extends the service life of the new sand making machine.

  • 2. What are the advantages and characteristics of the new sand making machine?
  • The impact on the sand making machine brought about by the development of the country is unparalleled. A variety of sand making machines are constantly emerging in the market. However, at the time of this hundred schools of thought, the new sand making machine stood out. Its high efficiency and energy saving performance is beyond the reach of other types of sand making machines. It is developed in the absorption and digestion of foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific stone industry mining conditions of relevant domestic industries. The new sand making machine not only has stable and reliable running performance, but also has strong pressure resistance. The most important thing is small size, light weight, easy to move, convenient for maintenance and easier to replace parts. Compared with other equipment of the same power, this type of sand making machine has a large processing capacity and high output, and the biggest bright spot is that it pays attention to environmental protection in production concept, relatively low noise, no pollution, and has a longer service life than other conventional ones. Equipment must be at least 10-15 years old. Therefore, most people are willing to choose a new type of sand making machine.

  • 3. What is the development prospect of the new sand making machine in the industry?
  • The domestic industry has been conducting research on sand making machines. However, due to backward production, there have been no good products available. Many of the original manufacturers are not technically stagnant, or because the after-sales service is not good. The research on the products produced by the company is not clear enough and the parts are easily damaged, and the maintenance is also extremely inconvenient. The sand made is rough. Not quite satisfactory. And for different customer requirements, traditional equipment is difficult to complete. However, the new sand making machine just compensates for the defects of the above traditional equipment. In terms of output, performance, and maintenance rate, there have been major improvements.

  • 4. How to choose a new sand making machine?
  • Some people blindly believe in the brand, and buy it without hesitation when they are famous. However, after I finally received it, I found that I had spent a lot of money to buy a fake and shoddy product and the after-sales service was not good. This is a painful lesson. Therefore, it is necessary to choose some reputable shopping malls to purchase. Before buying, you must ask if there is any relevant pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service. These are the necessary guarantees for the protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interests. But don't trust the verbal promise of the business easily. After all, the black and white words are irresponsible. We must not only be a rational consumer, but also a witty consumer. Also choose the cost that suits your needs, but also your own cost budget. For example, the price of a small sand making machine is cheap, but the output is not high.


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